We Value Our Environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 258 million tones of municipal solid waste (MSW) were geerated in the United States in 2014.  Of that amount, 136 million tons were land-filled,  significant portion of which was old furniture.  Wood furniture is a renewable resources.  Giving quality wood furniture a second chance is important to conservation efforts that are essential to sustainable forestry and environmental protection.  We all benefit from keeping wood out of landfills, and there are better options than just throwing furniture away.

There are several ways that buying second chance furniture helps the environment:

  • It reduces the need for new building material which is often wood that must be harvested from.
  • It keeps furniture components from ending up in a landfill where when decomposed with other forms of waste such as plastics and foam can release dangerous chemicals and create hazardous waste issues.
  • It conserves energy because second chance furniture is far less than what is necessary to manufacture entirely new furniture.
  • Prevents pollution caused by reducing the need to harvest new raw materials.
  • Reduces the amount of waste that will need to be recycled or sent to landfills and incinerators.
  • Allows quality, well-crafted products to be used to their fullest extent.

At Vilmy's Furniture, most of our pieces are of solid wood of several varieties including oak, maple, cherry, pine.  When the customers of our community purchase our pieces, they not only go home with a beautiful piece of vintage art, they also help save tons of wood waste from entering California landfills, and save thousands of trees!


We Value Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Culture

We have always been the type of folks who were raised to do for ourselves and help those who are unable.  There's something empowering about decorating your home with furniture that fits your vision.  If you're like us, you find pleasure at the sight of your paint-splattered clothes from decorating the drawers of your dresser, or from smelling like furniture polish from a refinishing a vintage rocking chair.  For many of our customers, DIY home decoration projects see them as an self-sufficient, hands-on way to decorate their homes and empower their dreams.

There are several benefits of living the DIY Culture:

  • It's going to make you feel smarter--DIY is a terrific way to gain new skills or knowledge. Whether discovering designs on Pintrest to reading up on right right type of paint to use, each project you tackle will teach you something new and improve your problem-solving abilities for going after your vision.  Plus, you get to brag about how much money you saved buying second chance furniture.
  • You may discover a hidden talent--DIY home decoration projects offer a great way to express your personality and uncover hidden talents.
  • Great hobby for self care--DIY home decoration projects are wonderful for keeping the mind and body active.  Also, working with your hands is a simple, organic way to keep your heart rate up, and those endorphin levels high to help you maintain a natural happiness and sound mental health.

Vilmy's Furniture is re-finished with the DIY'er in mind.  Our inventory includes dressers, desks, armories, tables, chairs, bookshelves and more.  Our pieces are restored in their original finish or painted black or white so that our customers may continue to add their artistic vision to their furniture.


We Value Community

Studies have shown that one of the most important predictors of a peoples’ health is the quality of their social connections.  The word “community” is from the French words for “together” and “gift”.  At Vilmy's Furniture we've build and nurture our community based on quality service, interactive participation with customers, and on positive interactions.  We put our time, energy, and money into making our customers feel like they are part of a proactive "community", where we all search for, and respect each other's creativity.

Vilmy's Furniture shows its appreciation for community by remaining consistent around the following:

  • Our long-standing reputation--Vilmy's Furniture provides quality second chance furniture at rock bottom prices.  We have served our customers for over 8 years, and many of our return customers remember us from when we were selling furniture out of a storage unit.  They continued to keep in touch with us because of our reputation for reasonable prices and friendly service.
  • Quality second chance furniture-- Our return customers understand that Vilmy's Furniture sells high-quality second chance furniture, so they have to worry about non-functioning or unsanitary items.  We pride ourselves in the care and energy it takes to provide our community with beautiful and safe merchandise.
  • Access to amazing people--Our Facebook community is full of the most amazing, talented, artistic and compassionate people on the planet!  Our Facebook page has become a place where our customers can gather, look and comment on our latest inventory updates, and share positive DIY experiences with each other.  We so appreciate our customers who have been willing to share photos of themselves with the furniture they purchased, or DIY modifications they made to enhance the look of furniture they purchased.  Both give us a strong sense of pride in our talented and growing community.  For more, check out our photo gallery.

At Vilmy's Furniture, we do not take our community for granted.  We encourage all of our customers to like us on Facebook in order to receive a $5.00 discount on their first purchase.  Social media has proven to be an effective way to continue to keep our community of vintage second chance furniture hunters informed about new inventory, and excellent do-it-yourself furniture makeover ideas.  Vilmy's Furniture can currently be found on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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